16th March 2024


I forgot this.. lol! Im doing good mentally so I dont really need to blog !!! Im winning now !!!!!! im good now because of the power of friendship and going very very feral about my own OCS. and because im not on medications since all of them made me mentally ill ( it is good if they work for you ) I'll leave this up for mainly archival purposes but also help the content here is pretty tmi now i read it. might delete at some point !!!!!! anyway mental health is possible @ 2022 alli... you just have to get addicted to yaoi.... ^w^


28th August 2022


its been a while!! feeling a lot better mentally since I got the implanon implant removed. did NOT realise the extent of mental agony it was causing me if you are planning to get it maybe avoid it!!

my chronic illnesses are getting SO bad lol im in a lot of pain but my dr has finally apporved the last availlable medicine i can take lets hope that works

other news to deal with the pain im starting poledance classes tomorrow!! im rly nervous but it looks fun and is meant to help my conditions a lot 0o0! i had to buy a rly expensive excercise bra (i didnt have one) so i better love it lol!!


13th March 2022

blog entry! wow!

I got a job! crazy! I'm working as a medical receptionist lol! idk how to feel about it cause no job is fun but the other people working there seem nice :) gunna work hard so I can get money and then move out with my bf!! its nice to not be worrying about the online store but it feels like I have given up on art but LOL thats just capitalism babe its my mental illnesses keeping me from art atm not the job LOL..

the brain is doing POORLY i am working hard. i keep getting worse i think idk if that means the therapy is working and i am just So bad that i have to get worse first JHBh lets hope so!

Just beat pokemon arceus in better news, i loved it!! really fun this is what pokemon should be ToT still gotta do postgame!


10th Febuary 2022

I havent blogged in a while!! i live!

the code on this page is getting rly long my computer is lagging so bad!! i should learn CSS but haha no look at my code if u want to see how bad i make it

I've been ok but not great I guess! im stuck in a libmo of waiting for appointments with the job provider to get me some damn work LOL its not great for the brain OTL feeling very aimless latley!! its been hard to get anything done but ive also given UP on doing art as a job (outside my store) so its easier to draw sketches just for me now! even if i dont have much ideas from nasty brain syndrome!

I need to get back to more neocities its really nice here as always i think this blog is better for my mental health than i gave it credit for lol! things seem to be working with my psych too lol i am more fucked up than i thought i was JHBJHB but tats ok

Im ok though because pokemon is FUN !!! and the ninty direct today... omG they made all the announcements for ME !!!

highlights are chrono cross ( HUGE FAV ) including radical dreamers ( HUGE FAV ) and Kirby it looks so good ToT and livealive!! I always wanted to play it im so excited!! no one reads these LOL but email me or guestbook or something what were you most excited for!!


4th January 2022

hello! been a bit ^^ idk if anyone reads these anyway (lmao tell me if u do???) its kinda relaxing that i might be the only one seeing these but if u are i hope its fun, feel free to! ^^

been a bit stuck latley!! theres so much covid here now and i wanna go out but i want to be safe so im stuck inside going stir crazy @_@ I think my antidepressents also are not working enough and just make me incredibly tired OTL i might go off them again Dx

been rly lonley thru covid and in general (i live with my bf and love talking to him but i need friend friends jhbfj) so i'm thinking of maybe signing up for some local art classes to try and get social!! (once it is safe lol) :o also just bcuz i was watching blue period and I want yaguchis class LMAO I wish i could talk easilly to ppl online but its very hard for me, i rly prefer IRL talking T_T but i will be strong!!


21st December 2021

back again! I think my breaks been helping, I'm feeilng a bit better! Finally saw a psych irl and shes rly good, I might actually start making progress ^_^! the BPD was a false alarm too lol!

finished We Love Katamari and Chullip as well! Katamari is obviously perfect and amazing, I like it more than the first game! I still need to play more to get better scores ^o^ and chullip is incredible, obviously the gameplay can be tedious or. very tedious but i barely care LOL its so worth the effort!! I love the whole thig, I'm gunna be thinking about it for a long time!!

Moon RPG just came to PS4/5 as well, if you havent played it before (its on switch too) go do it!! you have to!!


12th December 2021

hello! feeling a bit better mentally but also got sick LMAFAO its just tonsilitis or something ToT im resting up! Did manage to find and see a new psych tho, it seems like they're really good!! kinda expensive but i want to get better T-T

haven't done much otherwise lol, playing a lot of project sekai since its finally out in english! i rly like ena so far! ^^ tho my gachas are BAD.. maybe ill get a good one some day !


30th November 2021

back again! was very excited in the last post but it was a little premature T-T i am NOT out if disability services hell and the job i was talking about ran out T~T but they can still get me a different one! I'll take anything but im pretty sure they have positions for being the person that takes ur blood for a blood test, i wouldnt mind that!

mental health has been bad again OTL suspecting I may have BPD (read about it if u only know the bad stigma pls) so im tying to find a psych rn ToT its peak time for psychology so i hope the ones i found have appointments! idk who reads these but send me ur good vibe energy that i can get in to see one ^^; hehe


26th November 2021

hi hi! feeling a bit better this time ^^ I've been going thru disability services hell, i'm finally out! They can get me a job now!! :D which is really exciting! seems like they might want me to work in the disability services themselves but its a paid traineeship :0 it sounds rly good! I hope I get it :D

Gunna take a break from my comms / online store in December finally, ive been girlbossing way too hard lol 0_0 excited to do some art for me!


21st November 2021

Hello again! feeling a but stuck latley >.< I go thru a lot more mental / physical health than i let on and ive been really struggling with it latley OTL I dont want to put a full list of my medical conditions anywhere lmfao but theres too many!!! yuck! I'm working on feeling better rn though >.<

I think the new SSNRI im on is finally starting to do something, and I got an excersize bike to try and get my physical conditions better! :D its fun i've been watching tropical rouge precure while biking hehe :D making art has been hard like this OTL but im gunna do my best to get better! :D

tried playing racing lagoon now its patched and its so cool and swag but WTF... i can't win any races... idk anything about cars oh No


15th November 2021

making another post so soon mainly to test the html!

didn't make it on the sidebar since it doesn't change often, but this anime season im watching Ousama ranking, Blue period and Komi san! Theyre all really good, I'm enjoying ousama ranking most rn!

getting into PS1/PS2 games latley now ive hacked my PS3, really enjoying it! anyone with good PS game reccs leave them in the guestbook or something, wanna play some weird games! I have Rule of Rose and Boku no natsuyasumi installed to play next ^^ trying to get back into gaming instead of doing nothing bcuz of mental health lmfaoo


14th November 2021

Hello! I figured out some new html stuff so gunna try some little blogging!^v^

big thanks to the layout builder here!

I don't really know what to write tbh I just wanted to make more pages LMAO but it seems fun! :D I've been feeling a bit flat latley but i should b better soon!

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