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CD 1 TRACK 1 💿

T- We’ve arrived.

F- Yeah, looks like it.

T- looks like it? And the reason we’re here is?…

(flashback from artbook side story)

F-Have you ever been to an amusement park?


F-Is that right. Let’s go then, we can set foot on the mainland.

T-hmm.. two guys alone at an amusement park?

F-Yes. Is there some kind of problem with that?

T-Nah,not really. 

F- The park is pretty big, so it would be better to stay at a hotel that night. When we wake up, I’ll look up hotels and make a reservation. 

T- heh, sure. 

(flashback over) 


T-It was because you said you wanted to go, right?

F-Yeah, it was. 

T- Are you nervous? 

F- No, it’s not that. 


F- What is it?

T-Nothing. Instead of hanging around out here, let’s go in already.


(they walk, and you can hear roller coasters and people screaming on it)

F-Hey, wait a second.

T- Hm?

F-Mind if I sit on that bench over there?

T- Sure.

(Fujieda sits and groans) 

T-Is it from the roller coaster earlier?

F-Sorry, seems so.

T-So you're the kind of person that gets motion sickness?

F-I’m fine in cars and boats.. (he sighs) it’s frustrating. Are you feeling fine? 

T- Yeah.

F- Is that so.

T-Need me to buy you a drink?

F-No, I’ll be fine after a bit of a rest.  

T- Sure. 

(Towa sits, and you can hear people enjoying themselves) 

F-(he smiles) sounds like everyone’s having fun.

T-Seems so.

F-How about you? Are you having fun?

T- whether I’m having fun or not… I’m honestly not sure how to tell. 

F- Really.. 

Hiro- Uwah, the parade’s starting!! Mum, Mum, let's go!! 

Hiro's Mum-Hiro, it's dangerous to run like that! Hey Hiro, wait! 

Hiro- Hurry, Hurry!!!!

T- …it’s so bright here. 

F- Bright? 

T-Now I see the world in it’s normal colour, I usually feel those colours are mainly faint or plain, but here that’s not the case. It's like light is flying through the air. (📝)

F-(he smiles) that’s very you. It’s a beautiful expression. 

T-Are you making fun of me?

F- No way, what reason would I have to make fun of you?

T-(he sighs) Hey, what about you? You having fun?

F-I can’t really tell either. I’ve come to a place like this, I’ve ridden the rides and felt the atmosphere, but i’m not sure if that’s fun or not. But like you said, it is bright here. Everyone here and there is smiling, it looks like they’re all enjoying themselves from the bottom of their hearts. It's not a bad feeling being somewhere like this. (📝)

T-Ah, you're right. Even so, I still feel a bit out of place.  (📝)

F-Dont be like that.  I’m really grateful. 

T-What for?

F-For coming here with me. I doubt I ever could have come here alone.

T-Heh. It’d be the same for me. 

F-Well, this means that we have accomplished something that only the two of us could have done together.

T-It’s cringe saying it like that. 

F-(he smiles) is that so.

---- intermission ----

(the door opens, and they both enter the room)


F-It's a pretty nice room.


F-What's the matter? 

T-Nothing. It's like, how do I put it…

F-Not a big fan of places like this, are you? 

T-Yeah, until now I’ve never seen somewhere like this in the city. Really just Love hotels.


T-It’s too flawless. 

F-Does it being flawless bother you? 

T-No. it just doesn’t match.

F-Doesn’t match?

T-compared to me. (he sighs) Do you think I fit in in a room like this?

F-You do.

T-How so?

F-You’re unkempt in many ways, but your manner is always refined. Even in a room like this, you’re true to yourself.   (📝)

T-Aah, you’re the only person who’d think something like that



F-Even so, it’s dried off a lot, but my hair’s still wet .

T-I told you, didn't I? That you’d get soaked on that ride. You would’ve been able to tell from looking at the other passengers going down. 

F-What you can see and what you actually go through are two different things. It was a good experience. 

T-Well, it's fine if you had fun.

F-Wasn’t it fun for you?

T-It wasn’t bad. 

F-Isn’t that you being dishonest? 

T-You’re just way too honest all the time. Want a bath? 

F-Yeah. Let's go in. 

T-You can go first. 

F-(he sounds troubled)  and you?

T-I’ll go in when you get out. 

F-(he sounds troubled again) If you’re sure. Well, wait for me then. 

(Fujieda walks out of the room and closes the door) 

T-Is this worry? Or nervousness..   (📝)


T-(he sighs and enters the room) Did you take a look at the night sky?

F-Yeah. It was beautiful. 


F-Didn’t you think so too?

T-Not interested in it. 

F-pft,  that so?

T-Though- (he lies on the bed and smiles) this bed’s not bad. should be able to sleep well, since it’s nice and spacious.

T-and no matter how rough we get, it won’t get ruined.

F-Hm? What do you mean….?!

(Towa pulls him down onto the bed roughly)

T-Heh, it means this~ ♡


T-You don't wanna?

F-That’s not it.

T-Not in the mood?

F- It's not that. (he sighs) rather, it’s because I want it.

T-Then what’s with that look?

F-It's normal to hesitate about something like this. 

T- I’m not hesitating though. 

F- I guess you aren’t.

(they make out and moan softly)

T- Heh, done worrying?

F- Yeah.

T- It’d be nice if you were more forceful though-

F- I’m more of a slow starter.

T- Instead of that, aren’t you just holding back?

F- (he smiles) you might be right about that.

T- Like, you really wanted to have a bath together, didn’t you?

F- (he’s surprised, then exhales in resignation) 

T- (he laughs slightly) c’mon..this isn’t the kind of relationship where you hold back ♡

(they kiss, and the bedsheets rustle)

CD 1 TRACK 2 💿

(make sure you have both headphones on, the italicised text only plays in one ear!)


(Towa and Fujieda are kissing deeply and panting)

T- Ah,ghh- Stop that already!  

F- Just a bit more-

T- Enough, put it in already-

(Fujieda takes a deep breath and slowly enters him, as they moan deeper)

F- I’m gonna move.

(they get louder and rougher as he thrusts into him, Towa moaning loudly)

F - ?!

( Hiro-  (from the room next door) Wah, that was fun!! )

( Hiro’s Mum- We have a big day tomorrow too, so you better have a bath then head to bed! )

F-…from next door?

( Hiro- Awww~ I’m not sleepy yet! )

( Hiro’s dad - We’ve gotta get up early tomorrow though! )

T-Heheh,  even in such a luxurious room, the walls seem thin.

( Hiro- Awww!! )

F-(He sighs) They’ll probably hear it if we’re loud.

T-Wanna stop?


T-Heheh, hurry up then ♡ keep going- 

F-(between moans) try and keep your voice down.

T-Enough already- more ♡

(Towa is getting even louder)

F-watch your voice!

T-Heheh, it's not my faul-  AaAh, ah, Haah, nngh~ 

F-Your voice, hold it in! 

(Fujieda covers Towa’s mouth with his hand, but he loudly sucks his fingers)

F-Hey, don’t- ngh, haah, suck my fingers!

(they are REALLY going at it now) 

T-I’m- really close, so- (Aah,Haah~) do it harder ♡ 

( ♡ ♡ ♡ )

T-I’m-! ♡  Uu, nng, Haah, Ah- AH!

(Their panting and moans become intense, and they breathe exhaustedly after coming together) 

T-Ha~h, heheh.


T-Nothing~ you said to keep quiet, but I thought you’d say we should stop. 


T-You wouldn’t wanna stop even if they heard us next door. 

F-Ngh, (he sighs) you're right. 

T- hmn~


T-Nothi~ng ♡

F- (he sighs in resignation)

CD 1 TRACK 3 💿

F- (on the phone) Right, the chairman is out of commission. Yes, we will continue to monitor the Takasato-gumi in secret. Yes. That’s all. (he sighs) 


T- You already done for the day? 


F-Yeah, I am. 


T- Never thought I’d come back to Shinkoumi and just drop by, guess the trip back doesn’t count as a day off, huh.(📝)


F- Sorry that we had to head back before we had a chance to do anything else. 


T- Nah, not at all.


(they walk)


F- It’s already evening.. 


T- Well, we did only book one night. 


F- Next time we take time off, there’s somewhere I’d like to go. 


T- We're already talking about the next day off? 


F- Yeah. When I was looking for a place to stay for this trip, I did a lot of research and found somewhere that I was interested in. 


T- Before that, when’s the next time you get a day off?


F- That's… 


Igarashi - Ah, Towa, Fujieda!! I Made it in time! It's been ages! 


T- Igarashi?


F- Igarashi? It’s been a while. 


I- (he smiles) Thanks so much for coming here today!! As for me, there’s a lot of Takasato-gumi stuff to sort though, isn’t there.


F- Yeah. 


I- But after the police had cleared the scene, most of it was taken away and there was nothing left..


F- You’re right, that’s true. 


I- Still, Thanks a bunch! You’re really busy aren’t ya Fujieda! I heard you’re following up on people who’re in trouble!


F- It’s not that big of a deal. 


I- Sure,sure~! I’ve heard your name come up loads though! 


F-If that's the case, that's all there is to it. That may just mean that there are many people in need of help.


I- That's true, isn’t it. Suddenly our family disbanded, and it feels like the whole city’s in trouble, doesn’t it.


F- Mn. (he sighs) Igarashi, what are you doing now?


I- I’ve been helping out shops all over the place! Tajonoya’s club (📝) still has employees, so it couldn’t just suddenly shut down. But today I cleaned up the office! Don't think that’ll wrap up anytime soon though


F- Is that right.


I - Nah~, honestly, I’m really at a loss. Its not the same now that Sasaki and Toono are out of the picture, I don’t know what to do with myself. I thought the group felt like a real family to me. 


F-( he makes a conflicted sound) 


T-What're the rest of the members doing?


I - Most of ‘em left. I’d say around half went back to the mainland.


F - Is that so.


I - Even if I washed my hands of it all, I still have my sworn brothers to take care of.. Ah- I still had plenty of duties, but the police seemed to have a different way of doing things, so there were some extra charges. That, and our business rivals are still in good shape, and there’s still plenty of people who wanna join us..All kinds of things like that!  (📝)


F- Are there many members who stayed behind without leaving?


I- Yeah! But, how do I put this.. It doesn’t mean it was all for the same reason. Some stayed out of loyalty to the family, and plenty others just couldn’t stand the thought of being an outsider somewhere else. 


F-If anything ever happens, contact me anytime and I'll lend a hand. 


I-Hoho, Thankyou!! Fujieda, You were our lawyer to begin with! If you really need help, just let us know and we'll be happy to help!


F- Right.


I- Well, I’ve gotta get back to work, so I better get going! Fujieda, Towa, see ya! 


T-See ya.


F-Take care.


(Igarashi exits)




F- Igarashi was a member of the Takasato-gumi, wasn’t he? 


T- You having mixed feelings?


F- I have no regrets. However, I’m aware of the effects of my actions, both good and bad. I was prepared for this going into it. 


T- Right. 


F- (his phone buzzes) Yes? (he hangs up, confused)


T- What is it?


F - It was a silent call. There’s been lots of these lately. Whatever, let's go home. 


T- Yeah. (they walk) 




(birds are chirping in the distance as Fujieda walks in) 


F - It's already time. I’ll probably be kind of late home tonight, I’ll let you know. 


T- Got it. 


T- (Towa’s phone rings) hm? (he picks up) Hello, this is the Fujieda law firm.


(The caller breathes heavily)


T- May I ask who’s calling?


(They keep breathing until they hang up) 


F- Who was that? 


T - Who knows. They didn't say anything, it was just silence. 


F- Maybe it was the wrong number?






T- hm?


F- The date of Dr. Murase’s trial has been decided. 


T-Is that so. 


F- Please let Izumi and the others know. 


T- Yeah. 


F- Well, then, I’ll get going. (He walks out)

CD 1 TRACK 4 💿


Rei - Good morning!!~ ☀️


Roost Manager - Morning Rei. 




R- Huh? Were you rostered on for today, Towa? 


T- Yeah.


R- I see. Oh, heyhey, you went to the mainland to have fun right? Where’d you go? How was it!!! 


T- How was it.. It wasn’t really anything in particular


R- Heyy-! No way that's true! Course, it was you and Fujieda going together, wasn’t it?


T- Yeah.


R- Somewhere Fujieda seems likely to go to… Ah, no idea. Was it a business trip? 




R- What is it then~! Is it Just a secret between the two of you? Not that I care!~ ⭐


T- Rei- 


R- What is it?


T- The date for Taku’s trial’s been decided. 


R- Oh, has it now. Takus lawyer... it’s Fujieda, isn’t it? 


T- Yeah.


R- Right. 


(the phone rings)


RM - Hello, this is Roost…. Hello? Hm. (He hangs up) 


R- Oh? Boss, who was that?


B- That’s what I’d like to know. 


R- Eh? Was no one there?


B- Mn. Well, I reckon it was probably someone just dialing the wrong number.


T- Mn.. 




R- Towa, would you mind helping with the main table?


T-Got it.


Honami - Good evening!~💖


Junko - We’re here!!~💖


Arata- Good evening ⭐


RM- Welcome! 


R- Ooh its you Girls, you’re all here! ⭐


J- We’re here!!! Is that bad?? 🥺


H-Better yet, today it’s not just us girlies!⭐


Igarashi - O,oh, Hello!! 


R- Igarashi?? What’s up?


J- We saw him in front of the store, and when we saw him we just Had to group up, so we dragged him along!! Take a look and tell me, isn’t he the cutest!??  (📝) 


A- Sorry for dragging you along like this~


I- Ah? Oh nono, Its totally fine! 


R- Well then, everyone take a seat at the table that Towa just finished cleaning~! 


H- Okaaaay!~ (they all walk in) Towa!!! Good evening~


A- Good evening, Towa. 


T- Igarashi?


I- Towa!! Yo! 


R- Well! What are you all drinking tonight?


H- Hmm, what should I get?~ Oh hey Towa, now that I think about it, did you hear the word about Fujieda?


T- About Fujieda?


J- Yeah, yeah! I was worried about that! Wonder what’s gunna happen? 


A- What’s this about?


H-Oh umm, that’s, i wonder how I saw this-


J- Yeah true! Fujieda’s got some kinda nasty rumors floating around him~! They’re really spreading~~!


R- Where do you mean they’re spreading?


H- Online! If you search him up they come up right away!!


T- And these rumors are? 


J- From an account claiming to be a victimized lower ranking member of the Takasato-gumi! 


R- A victimized member? What do you mean?


A- Is there a connection between them and Fujieda?


H- Yeah!! That’s what we were just saying! Igarashi, wasn’t Fujieda a lawyer for the Takasato-gumi a while back?


I- He was!




H- It was from that account! It said Fujieda did some really nasty things in order to win cases for the Takasato-gumi, and made innocent people suffer! …or at least that’s what it seems like they wrote there! And it’s going super viral! 


J - Whether it's for now or the future, seems we gotta stop the rumors spreading! Hey Igarashi, what do you make of the rumors? 


I- Aah, I wonder.. I haven't really wrapped my head around it.


A- Towa, do you have any ideas?


T- I haven’t heard much, so not sure yet.


J- I don’t know what happened in the past, but the whole time Fujieda’s been working really hard for the town’s sake right? 


H- Yeah, yeah!! Even if the rumors turned out true, if he properly apologized to the victim I’m sure they’d forgive him! 


A- Fujieda has been working really hard for Shinkoumi’s sake, hasn’t he.


R- Yeah, he’s been really helping Taku and all kinds of other people. 


H-For sure!!


R- But Towa, is Fujieda doing okay? No one’s after him?


J- Hey wait!! Yesterday, some weird guy was after me! 


I- What, after you Junko?


J- Yeah😭!!! When i got home, a weird man came out of the darkness and attacked me! I’m not sure what he was trying to pull, but one good smack to the face and he went running!! (📝)


H- That's our Junko!!~ 


J- Leave it to me!!!! 


I- Ohoho.. What power, scary~  (📝)


R- I’m just glad you’re not hurt though!! 


A- Absolutely!



CD 1 TRACK 5 💿

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