games I've played! ^-^

in order of what I finished most to least recently, from the start of 2021 !

Hashihime of the old book town

ANOTHER VN i rly liked this too!!! i love a mystery and this is a good one!! the characters are really fun, the arts really good too! really interesting format and complex but not in a hard to understand way. 5th secret route is utter dogshit stop at the 4th guy please. I rly like hakase he is so funny

slow damage

vn train wont stop!! OK LIKE REALLY READ THE CONTENT WARNINGS IF UR GUNNA PLAY THIS i really liked it!! like i have issues with it but the rest is SO GOOD... WAUGHhh better from a plot perspective than a romance game one i think (tho rei and fujiedas routes r good for this ^^)i love towa.. perhaps the worst character ive ever encountered in anything!(positive) ALSO HEADS UP ITS 40hrs

DRAMAtical murder RE:Connect

more of a fandisc than sequel but i love this too 🥺 mainly porno but thats OK im playing for the plot/characters first but porno sure is nice (・ω・7)
the non porno mizuki and aoba family routes were SO GOOD.. cried at the latter 😭
routes best to worst: Clear,Koujaku,Noiz,Ren,aoba fam,Mizuki,Mink,(one hundred places) ViTri (hatred)
also i beat the snap minigame WHYS IT SO HARD

DRAMAtical Murder

say what you will about me this is one of my fav games of all time still ToT I played it like 9 years ago but i replayed the new translation, its way better lmao! Love this..
my fav routes in this order -> Noiz,Clear,Koujaku,Ren,Mink (i hate virus and trip they dont count)
rly reccomend this is u can stand probbo content and men it is the best cyberpunk media out there and has the best art/ui/soundtrack combo of any game i can think of !

Chibi Robo

FINALLY PLAYED IT omg this is the best. go play it this second!! a love de lic game that isnt mean to you LOL the characters and vibes are so cute and perfect and its rly fun 😭 cheebo is so cute

AI: Nirvana initiative

LOVE THIS SM not quite as good as somnium files but not far off either TvT i loved it and the new characters are fun!! mizuki 😭⭐💖

Pokemon Legends Arceus

YESS now THIS is what i like in pokemon :) clefable is BIG and my FRIEND but also its fun to play!! I like running around :) the plot is a lil draggy but i literally dont give a shit i love this LOL


LOVE THIS! its a lot more tedious to play than moon (avoid unless u are very patient) but so worth it!! the characters and art style are so fun ^^ great vibes too! like moon u need a walkthrough unless ur a genuis. the manual is online and works as one!

we love katamari

way better than the first katamari which is crazy cause that ones perfect already lmao! the new level types are fun and theres so much to do ^^ fun to play as the cousins! and the music is obv the best. get this it runs good on a ps3 running HEN lol

Style Savvy 3 styling star

ok I am hardcore style savvy. this one is GOOD even if it takes out some brands and the story mode is for some reason like 50 hours. the lily hoshino artstyle is PERFECT and tons better, and the new clothes and hair are super cute! why did they take out the photo mode tho. how am I meant to take cute screenshots

Luigi's mansion 3

not as perfect as the first game but so great! the art / animation quality is incredible ^^ luigi is so cute and goofy! controlls are a bit funny but i dont mind too much! tons better than weegeemans 2 im not big on that one >-<


a quick and fun time! piku is so cute u gotta try it to watch the legs. rly good music and vibes! and funny writing ^^ maybe rushed feeling at the end but look. piku is there

Psychonauts 2

SO GOOD!! rly nothing bad 2 say about this. if u like the first one u gotta play it. the level and chara design is fun and perfect, and the plot is rly good!

new pokemon snap

pokesnap!! its fun! its fun watching the pokemon ^_^ its nice and beefy! just needs clefable added. pls

Moon RPG

best game ever (one of) i love this ToT def the best one I played in 2021! Needs a walkthru but i co-op played with my sister reading me the walkthru which is fun. if u played MOTHER3 or Undertale u have to play this it is the law. just do it rn.

Somnuim Files

Loved this! technically watched housemates play it lol. rly like the story and characters! even when they are cringe. better than uchikoshis other games!

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