because i know the TRUTH here is how Super Sonico and Aoba Seragaki are relatives and bffs.

🧠 Super Sonico is a mascot for NitroPlus, a company that mostly make horny VN games. I have info on her here: here

🧠 Aoba is the main guy from DRAMAtical Murder. a horny VN game by NITRO+CHIRAL. YES that is the same NitroPlus. yes

🧠 Sonico is a mascot for the company that made his game... you may think this is where the similarities end but NO.

🧠 Here are some things they have in common:

🌐 both live in a cozy house only with their pink haired grandmas

🌐 they both wear headphones most of the time (sonico is all the time but this still counts). they both love music :)

🌐 they are both autistic ok like c'mon. as if they are not using headphones all the time because of this. also Aobas sensory issues and Sonico's nervous social skills / hyperfocus on marine biology queen that she is. if you think this is cringe you may leave i am free πŸ’–

🌐 these bitches love to eat!! yall so hungry!!

🧠 this is without mentioning the largest point. the existence of Naitou Kun. :


🧠 Naitou kun is.. guess what.. a mascot for the company Nitro+Chiral.. he is mainly used in music event promotion which is. EXACTLY how Sonico started:

🧠 he wears headphones at all times. he plays the Bass Guitar. He likes to eat. He is essentially the male counterpart to Super Sonico..

🧠 There is not much info about him but heres some we know.
His special talent is puzzle rings. His fav foods are water and meat (not listed but def KFC). He doesnt like avocado and he liikes Aternative rock, pop punk and emo music. King shit! his shoe size is 28cm.

🧠 He already matches the others very well, and sure also has the classic autistic stare and swag.(also the puzzle rings) but what if.. they Cannonically exist together. If you doubted me its time to Open Your Eyes:

🧠 These are BOTH by official N+C artist Yamada Uiro who seems to be Naitou's creator or main artist. We have Sonico and Naitou looking super cute. and we have Aoba and Natiou (and the rest of the n+c fruit salad).
This proves they are in the same universe where they can easily hang out. We do not yet have a picture of all 3 though i would kill for it. I will take the wins I have gotten

🧠 So now we know they are really hanging out. The possibilities are endless. They go to karaoke. Sonico and Naitou play music and idk if aoba joins in is he musically inclined does anyone know. Well he could get the glowsticks out. Bet they go to kfc or ramen together!! I just like thinking about this.

🧠 This is not confirmed obviously but I like thinking Aoba's grandma and Sonico's grandma are sisters, making them cousins (not biologically since Aoba's not related to his grandma but thats irrelevant). We dont know anything about Naito family wise but i think its cute if he's sonico's relative of some kind too (・ω・)
but first and formost they are all BFFS!!!! im rotating them in my brain and enjoying myself

🧠 my final point is that they should make crossover art for me. I want a sonico figure where she is wearing Aoba's clothes but like booty shorts. Im going to draw this myself. N+ you are missing OUT on the greatest concept of all time. better yet also have Aoba in sonico's standard outfit with the camo tiger hoodie. Theres no Naitou merch so i wont even pretend they could make some lol😭

🧠 also i barely need more evidence but in this UI concept art for DMMD (sloppy laptop photo i know sorry) thats Sonico's producer Mr Kitamura!!

🧠 here is some photo evidence they are bffs πŸ₯ΊπŸ’– (pics by me)

🧠 below is a gallery of Naitou kun pictures because theres so few of them I may as well. behold

all art on this page is either Tsuji Santa (sonico) Honyalala (dmmd) Yamada Uiro (general nitro+chiral) Minoa (non swirly chibis) and Yupon (swirly eyes chibis)

they are all official artists but some of these might count as fanart! (ive edited some)

this was all the art I can find without SAMPLE written across it! if anyone has more send them to meπŸ₯Ί god check the amount of KFC he is eating



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